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Green Bee Fundraising’s fundraisers are great for your school!

Is your school ready to launch its next fundraiser? You might have heard the hype about many different profitable fundraisers but don’t know which one to choose. There are many school fundraiser options. You should want a school fundraiser that requires minimal work with a high profit return. Do you need to keep track of student fundraiser sales for awards or incentives? Maybe you might want a unique fundraiser. If you have fundraiser questions, you should be able to call and speak with a live person or have fundraiser questions answered quickly by email. Green Bee Fundraising understands your time is valuable and will help your school achieve their fundraising success!

We have carefully crafted our school fundraising programs to cater to ALL of your fundraising needs! Everyone loves sports–whether it’s football, baseball, basketball or hockey and even soccer. Our fundraisers follow these fan favorite sports, making them an easy sell!

What’s even better than our fundraisers selling themselves, you ask? There’s no order taking, no food-handling, nothing to keep frozen or order delivery with our fundraisers. All your school would do is sell tickets and profit!

Most importantly, Green Bee Fundraising takes pride in our customer service. Whether you or your ticket holders need help, we encourage everyone to reach out to us. We are here to help you reach your fundraising goals from start to finish when you launch a fundraiser with us!

Check out our fundraising ideas for schools here!

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