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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Questions

[expand title=”How can we order a program?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
There are three ways to place an order:
1. Online: Order online right now. It’s simple on our 1 page checkout. Click Here
2. Call: Punch in 724-734-4233 and Green Bee will help you with the whole process. We can cover any questions to ensure your organizatoin has the optimal program.
3. Fax: We can kick it old school with a fax machine. Print out the order form located here: Brochures. Then fire off that fax to 412-291-1407.

[expand title=”What if we cannot provide all of our ordering details at the time of ordering?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
No problem. Fill out the order form as completely as you can and specify your question/concern in the ‘Notes’ section. A Green Bee Fundraising representative will contact you to help you resolve any issues.[/expand]
[expand title=”How soon will we receive our tickets?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Online tickets will be ready immediately.
The process for Printed Tickets takes 1 to 2 weeks. Once we receive your order form and printing fee, you will receive a ticket proof and order confirmation within 3 days. You must review the ticket proof as it displays exactly how your tickets will be printed. As soon as we get your approval, standard production time is 7-10 days.

[expand title=”What are the accepted forms of payment?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
You can pay by:
Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express

[expand title=”Do we have to pay online?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
No, you do not have to pay online. You have 2 other options:
1. Call: Give us a call and we will take your payment information over the phone. 724-734-4233
2. Mail: You can mail a check to:
Green Bee Fundraising, LLC
1424 East State Street
Sharon, PA 16146

[expand title=”Help! We need to change our order!” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Please contact us directly if you wish to change your order:  724-734-4233  If the change affects a Printed Tickets, then it depends on where it is in the production process. Call us right away. Changes to the online program can be at anytime. Please call us and we will get it done.


Program Questions

[expand title=”How do we know which program to choose?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
The popularity of a particular sport is probably the first factor your organization should consider when choosing a program. If football is the most popular sport in your community, running a football fundraiser may prove to be more profitable than a racing fundraiser. Your fundraising deadline is also an important factor to consider. Green Bee Fundraising’s programs run at different times throughout the year. If you know that your organization must raise money by a particular date – this may also be a deciding factor in which program you choose.

Please go to the Revenue page and there is a simple calculator that will help you choose the correct size program.

[expand title=”Can we run more than one program at a time?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]Yes. Your organization can run multiple programs at one time. Large National organizations often times will run multiple programs both currently and through out the year.

The programs can be of the same sport or of different sports. Each program will have it’s own prize breakdown and custom results website. You can easily administer all fundraising programs through your administration pages.

[expand title=”If we sell all of our tickets, can we order more?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]Absolutely. You can upgrade to a ticket set with a larger quantity or order an additional complete ticket set. If you are running out of tickets, please contact us as soon as possible so we can make sure you receive your additional tickets in a timely manner.

[expand title=”What if we are unable to sell all of our tickets?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Simply return any unsold tickets to Green Bee Fundraising. Your organization does not have to pay remittance on returned unsold tickets.

Most organizations do not sell all of their tickets. The goal is to have a few more tickets available than their are ticket buyers. Any unsold tickets are automatically removed from being eligible once results are posted.

[expand title=”What is the optional ticket printing fee?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]If you choose to have physical tickets printed, this is the cost to have them printed. Green Bee has their own printing equipment to handle the creation of variable data tickets and barcodes.[/expand]
[expand title=”What is the optional promotional material printing fee?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ] The Promotional Material pricing fee covers the printing costs for: posters, directions letters, distribution books, and envelopes.

[expand title=”Who handles the money?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Your organization handles all of the money. You collect the donations from the ticket sellers, pay out prize money to the sweepstakes winners and then remit the appropriate percentage of ticket sales to Green Bee Fundraising.

[expand title=”Do we need a sponsor?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
No, sponsors are not required, however having sponsorship benefits the sponsor, your organization, as well as the ticket holder. Sponsors can pay the cost of your printing fee to have their advertisement/coupon printed on your ticket stub. A coupon on your tickets can help to increase ticket sales, as the ticket holders not only have a chance to win cash prizes, but also have a valuable coupon for a local business. This is a terrific marketing opportunity for sponsors.


Prize Questions

[expand title=”Can we choose our own prize breakdown?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Yes! Feel free to come up with any custom prize breakdown you want.

Not sure? Green Bee does suggest a prize breakdown for each program and quantity. Doing this for over 30 years we have learned, for any organization, what is the right level of cash prizes.

[expand title=”How do we determine the best prize breakdown?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
The amount of cash prizes is in direct proportion to the number of tickets being sold. Below is a general chart to determine the best prize ranges:

0500 – 2,500 Tickets = $1,000 to $2,500 Cash Prizes
3,000 – 5,500 Tickets = $3,000 to $7,500 Cash Prizes
6,000 – 10,000 Tickets = $8,000 to $25,000 Cash Prizes

[expand title=”When are prizes paid?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Prizes must be paid out each week or round. As soon as ticket results are posted, the prizes will be paid out.

[expand title=”Who pays out the prizes?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Green Bee will automatically pay out all the cash prizes each week or round.

[expand title=”What if the winning ticket wasn’t eligible?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
That is not possible.

Only tickets that are sold are eligible for prizes. For Physical Tickets, the sold ticket stubs are sent back to Green Bee. We then scan all the barcodes on the tickets stubs. For Online Tickets, only tickets purchased are included in determining ticket results & winners.

There is always a 100% accuracy regarding all tickets sold for your organization.

[expand title=”Is all the prize money paid out?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Yes. All the prize money must be paid out to ticket holders.

All cash prizes MUST be paid before your organization and Green Bee make any profit. The ticket holders are the most important people for the programs.

[expand title=”How are winners determined?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Winners are determined automatically online by Green Bee. Green Bee will also pay the winners their cash prizes.

Highest and lowest scoring tickets are posted online throughout the sweepstakes. Your organization’s winners are the highest and lowest scoring tickets from the tickets that you have sold. There are more detailed instructions regarding determining and posting your winners located in your custom organization administration pages.

[expand title=”How are ties handled?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
In the event of ties, prizes are combined and split.

For example, 2 tickets scored the Highest number of points for a given week. And the 1st Highest Prize = $200 and 2nd Highest Prize = $100. The 1st and 2nd prizes are combined and split among the 2 winners. In this case, $200 + $100 = $300 / 2 winnners = $150 for each winner.


Profit Questions

[expand title=”How can we maximize our profit?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
There are many factors that contribute to a successful fundraiser. A well planned fundraiser is at the root of all success stories. Choosing the proper program and having enough time to sell your tickets are the first things to consider. Increasing ticket sales by advertising your fundraiser throughout the community, and make sure to take time to explain the program to your ticket sellers. Consider implementing an incentive program to motivate your sellers.

[expand title=”How do we calculate our profit?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
The example below demonstrates how an organization’s profit is calculated. You will need to substitute your programs details (ticket sales, profit percentage, printing fee, etc.)

1. Calculate Gross Sales
Discount Cards sold
Card value
$ 10
Gross Sales


2. Calculate Net Sales
Gross Sales
$ 1,000
Net Sales
$ 9,000


3. Calculate Profit Subtotal
Net Sales
$ 9,000
Profit %
Profit Subtotal
$ 5,400


4. Calculate Total Profit
Profit Subtotal
$ 5,400
Printing Fee
$ 290
$ 5,110


Results Questions

[expand title=”How can a ticket holder check ticket results?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Ticket holders check sweepstakes results online by entering either the access code or organization’s password that is printed on the front and back of their ticket.
If your organization opts for the Website Integration feature (read below for details), you can link directly to your sweepstakes results pages from your organization’s website.

[expand title=”Does someone have to purchase a ticket in order to check results online?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
No. Anyone can check your organizations sweepstakes results by entering your organization’s password which is printed on the tickets and posters.

[expand title=”What is displayed on the results pages?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
The results pages show program details, team/driver scores, individual ticket standings, highest and lowest scoring tickets and winners with prize amounts.

[expand title=”When are results posted?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
When results are posted depends on the program:
Football – the Wednesday after each date printed on the ticket
Hockey – the day after the end of the chosen month
Basketball – the day after the end of the tournament
Baseball – the Tuesday after each date printed on the ticket
Soccer – the day after all the teams have played in a round during the World Cup tournament.

[expand title=”How are winners determined and posted?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Green Bee will determine who are the winners. We will also post the winners names, their prizes, and the winning ticket details online.

We work to make it as easy for the organizations as possible.


Ticket Questions

[expand title=”How long do we have to sell our tickets?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Selling time depends how early you order your fundraising program. The minimum suggested selling time is 2 months.

[expand title=”What if a ticket holder loses their printed ticket?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
If a ticket holder loses their printed ticket, and does not know their ticket number or access code, your organization should locate their printed ticket stub that you keep on file, based on their contact information.

Once located, you can provide them with the ticket number and access code so that they can check sweepstakes results online.

[expand title=”Can we sell tickets online?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Yes. Green Bee has developed an online experience that makes it easy to sell tickets online.

[expand title=”Can we sell physical tickets?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Yes. Green Bee has all the equipment to print you beautiful physical tickets.

Printing Fee: Your organization will be charged a Printing Fee to cover the cost printing the tickets.

[expand title=”What is the difference between physical and online tickets?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
The biggest difference is that printed tickets cost an organization more money because they have to be printed. Green Bee has the equipment in-house to produce the tickets, we do not make any profit on printing, and try to keep the costs as low as possible.

Because the only difference is that 1 ticket is printed on a piece of heavy-duty paperstock and an online ticket is only visible on the internet. Everything else about the tickets is exactly the same. It is just different ways of displaying the same information.

All printed tickets are also available online. Physical tickets can easily be viewed with any online tickets purchased.

[expand title=”What if we do not want to sell tickets online?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Not a problem. If selling only printed tickets will be easier or more successful for your organization, that is fine with us. We work with you to create a program that will work best.

[expand title=”Can we add our logo/mascot to our tickets?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Absolutely! Simply provide us the artwork and we will add it to your ticket.

Don’t have artwork? No problem! Our design department can create one for you.


Ticket Holder Questions

[expand title=”I have a ticket, how do I check to see if I am a winner?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
To check results, it depends on which program your organization is running. Below are the different websites for each program:
Football – www.footballsweeps.com
Hockey – www.hockeysweeps.com
Basketball – www.basketballsweeps.com
Baseball – www.baseballsweeps.com
Soccer – www.soccersweeps.com

Once you get to the correct website, enter in the Access Code that is found on the front of your printed ticket or in the email that was sent to you for an online ticket.

[expand title=”I won! How do I collect my cash prize?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
Green Bee will contact all winners using the email address that was provided asking for a mail address for the prize check.

On physical tickets, the winners address is printed on the ticket stub. Green Bee will use the address submitted by the ticket holder to mail the prize check.

Technical Questions

[expand title=”How do I integrate my organization’s website?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
We will provide you with the graphic image and the code to add to your site to make accessing your results pages seamless.

Website integration is an optional feature that allows you to add a link to your website that will take your ticket holders directly to your custom sweeptakes results.
No password or access code needed! Your website will be printed on all tickets. This great feature not only makes checking sweepstakes results easy for your ticket holders, it also drives traffic to your website!

[expand title=”How can I integrate social media?” startwrap=”” endwrap=”” ]
We can absolutely help with integrating into your social media.

Explain to us what you are using: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, etc. Once we understand how you are using Social Media, we can make recommendations on how best to integrate your Green Bee program. 🙂


Didn’t find your answer?   Please ask us.

Frequently Asked Questions of Green Bee Fundraising
Contact us anytime Monday thru Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm ET.
We will respond quickly.

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