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Stock Market Challenge


Stock Market Challenge Fundraiser Ticket
Stock Market Challenge is a certificate selling fundraiser that is fun, educational and engaging for your supporters!  Each Stock Market Challenge certificate has a unique access code that allows your supporters to play the Stock Market Challenge game online! Donors are assigned 5 stocks to start the game. The stocks can be traded at any time.  For the purpose of this fundraiser, we use stocks from the NY or Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

Daily prizes are awarded to players with the Highest 5-stock portfolio valuation at the end of each week day. Grand prizes are awarded to the players with the Highest and Lowest 5-stock portfolio valuation when the game ends. Players can view their stocks and have the option to trade their stocks at any time. A 21 day history of each stock’s valuation plus information on each company is included in your Stock Market Challenge game. All valuations and prizes are posted daily.

The Stock Market Challenge game lasts for 6 or 10 weeks and you can start the game at any time. We suggest selling your certificates 2-3 weeks prior to the game starting.

The winners of your Stock Market Challenge game will be posted online along with their portfolio values. Green Bee Fundraising will monitor your game online. We process all online purchases, post a Leaderboard daily and calculate Daily and Grand Prize winners. You sell stock certificates! We do the rest!


Your profit is based on the number of stock certificates you sell. Certificates are sold for $20 or $50 each. Your profit is 70%, after your prizes are covered! Your prize money will be raised through the sales of your Stock Market challenge certificates. The profit chart below shows your profit from selling certificates at $20 each with a prize payout of $2,500 or selling certificates at $50 each with a prize payout of $7,500.

$20 Certificate Profit Chart

$50 Certificate Profit Chart


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