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Light Up Decal Fundraising Program #GBFundraising GreenBeeFundraising.com


Light Up Decal examples of three custom lights made for local organizations. #GBFundraising LightUpDecals GreenBeeFundraising.com

Sport Your School or Team Logo in Glowing Fashion!

WHAT IS A LIGHT UP DECAL? Light Up Decals are 4″ round LED lights that are placed on the inside of your car, truck, SUV or van window. Perfect for sporting your school spirit and team colors. Just peel, stick and go! Fantastic alternative to bumper stickers that won’t damage your car!

HOW DO THEY WORK? The LED light is triggered by darkness and motion. The light shines automatically when your vehicle is moving at night. Although not lit during the daylight, Light Up Decals are easily visible at all times to show off your school’s name and logo!

FAST DELIVERY! Green Bee will provide you with custom forms for taking orders. Once orders are submitted, the lights are fulfilled and delivered to you within 2-4 weeks for distribution.

Light Up Decal Profit Chart #LightUpDecals LightUpDecals.com

light up jeep _rear view

Launch Your LIGHT UP DECAL Program Today!

light up car _ side view

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