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Three reasons why you should choose Green Bee Fundraising for your next fundraiser!

1. Our fundraisers are unique!

Green Bee Fundraising offers Sports Based Fundraisers throughout the year. These are ticket selling fundraisers that yield a high profit return with very little effort. All your group does is sell tickets and profit! It’s very easy to get your supporters involved with cash prizes.

2. Our fundraisers are easy!

We provide you with the tools to make your fundraising success easier! Along with your tickets, you’ll receive direction letters for your sellers and posters to place around. You will also receive the link to your online buy page to make online sales!

3. Green Bee Fundraising does the work for you!

After your group is done selling tickets, all you do is return the stubs to us in the provided envelope and we handle the rest! Green Bee Fundraising posts the scores, results and winning tickets as well as mailing out winners’ their prizes. Work less, earn more with Green Bee Fundraising!