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Online Fundraiser

Green Bee Fundraising knows that online fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your cause. It’s quick, efficient and generally very easy to use. The best thing about an online fundraiser is being able to reach an audience that you perhaps can’t reach with an in-person fundraiser. Green Bee Fundraising has made it even easier for groups to raise money utilizing our online fundraising with our sports based fundraisers.

By branching out online, teams, schools, bands or even booster clubs can broaden the horizon of their supporters. Maybe Aunt Sally lives a few states away but still wants to participate in her nephew’s band fundraiser. We get that! Our online fundraising is simple and easy to navigate, ensuring that your supporters can easily support your fundraiser. Let your supporters know with a text message, a social media post or email and in less than two minutes, they are supporting your online fundraiser!

Are you interested in running an online fundraiser for your team, school, band or booster club? Click HERE to fill out this simple form and we’ll reach out to set up your next fundraiser!