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How can you market your fundraiser better?

Below Green Bee Fundraising will share a couple ideas on how to market your next fundraiser. You should use a combination of these ideas to reach as many supporters as possible–ultimately boosting your fundraising profit!

Social Media: Use social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to post about your fundraiser. Ask your co-workers, family and friends to share your posts to reach a wider market. Posts can include photos, videos, text and even links to your fundraiser.

Flyers or Posters: Flyers and posters are a cheap and effective way to spread news about your fundraiser. Include your group’s name and how people can support your fundraiser. It helps if you also include some sort of QR code to scan so people can get involved easily. We recommend hanging flyers or posters up in an area where many people will see them like your school, sports complex, your website, and even at local supporting businesses.

Send Letters Home: Sending fundraising letters home with your sellers can be a great sales boost. This ensures that every household is notified and can gain knowledge of your fundraiser. They might even be more likely to be a supporter of your fundraiser, too!

When you choose Green Bee Fundraising for your fundraiser, you will get all of these fundraising tools. Along with your fundraising tickets, you receive fundraising letters to send home with your sellers, posters to advertise your fundraiser and social media graphics to promote your fundraiser digitally. See what all the buzz is about with Green Bee Fundraising!

Learn more about how our fundraisers work here!

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