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How to develop a successful fundraiser for your group

There is a little bit of footwork behind the scenes of fundraising. Sometimes the hardest part of your fundraiser can be taking everything into consideration.

Goals and Objectives: You should first define the amount of money you will need to raise. Goals and objectives don’t stop there, you will also need to plan how you will use the funds. Set realistic goals that align with your group’s needs and capabilities.

Fundraising Strategies: Observe different fundraising strategies before diving head first into your fundraiser. Identify which fundraisers will work best for your group. Keep in mind your group’s strengths, resources and your target audience.

Timeline: Establish a strict timeline for your fundraiser. It helps if you break down the timeline into manageable tasks and set deadlines for each step.

Budget: Lastly, come up with a budget for your fundraiser. You might have to crunch some numbers to see how much you are willing to spend to start your fundraiser or even how much to set aside for incentives for your sellers.

Cover these four topics while planning your fundraiser and your fundraiser is sure to be successful!

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