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Fundraising Tips to Increase Your Sales

You’ve done all of the necessary planning for your fundraiser. It’s time for the best part–launching and selling! It’s always a good thing to start going door to door within the community to start raising money right away but there are some great tools to maximize your group’s efforts.

1. Educate your sellers!

As you launch your fundraiser, make sure you are communicating effectively with your sellers why you are fundraising and how the fundraiser works. It helps if you explain the WHY behind the fundraiser in a fun and persuasive manner!

Fundraising Tooltip: As you pass out your tickets to parents and children, have them tell you why you are fundraising. This gives a little bit of practice and ensures that they understand the fundraiser fully.

2. Keep your sellers informed and motivated.

When fundraising, everything really does boil down to consistent communication. Keep in touch with your sellers, check in every so often with reminders and see how their sales are going.

Fundraising Tooltip: If you think you may have trouble keeping your sellers motivated, try throwing some incentives into the mix.