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Fundraising Tips to Fuel Your Fundraising Success!

Fundraising can be one of the most daunting parts of running any team, group or non-profit organization. It can feel very consuming since it is such a critical part of running your organization.

Green Bee Fundraising is here to give you some tips to successful, long-term fundraising.

#1. Make a Plan! (After you’ve made your plan, give us a call to set up your next fundraiser!)

Start off by making a concrete plan for your fundraiser. Be clear on what you’re fundraising for, what your goal is and your work capacity. Having a goal will help keep you motivated and creates a vision to motivate your supporters!

#2. ASK! It never hurts to ask – whether you need help or are asking for donations.

You are not alone when it comes to fundraising. Whether you need assistance organizing your fundraiser or you need to increase your fundraising sales, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Ask for the help you need. Ask your family and friends to support your fundraiser. (Don’t be afraid to ask twice either – sometimes people need reminders!)

#3. Use a variety of strategies to reach your supporters.

Be sure to utilize as many communication tools as you can to reach everyone! Your supporters are diverse. Not everyone responds to an email, texts or social media. Also, it’s helpful in the long run to keep track of where your supporters are more likely to engage or support your fundraiser.

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