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Fraternal Organization Fundraisers

A fraternal organization is a social club or membership organization formed around a similar belief system. These organizations are important as they provide deep networking for members as well as social activities for the community, leadership training and so much more. Fraternal organizations are well-known for their core values and contributions to the community. Without fundraising, a fraternal organization would be missing a big chunk of their contributions.

It is important to make sure that the fundraising efforts in a fraternal organization are effective. Whether a Kiwanis fundraiser, Knights of Columbus fundraiser, or even an American Legion fundraiser; the first box you should mark off of your checklist is choosing the right fundraiser for your members. Green Bee Fundraising has provided worthwhile and profitable fundraisers for fraternal organizations and groups alike for more than 30 years. Our easy fundraisers follow pro and college sports and offer CASH PRIZES–they’ll be sure to keep your supporters entertained and engaged with your charitable cause!

How Green Bee Fundraising Can Help Your Fraternal Organization Fundraiser

Considering most fraternal organizations have a larger quantity of members selling, giving credit where credit is due shouldn’t be a cause for concern. Perhaps you’ve already formulated a fundraising plan for how to effectively market your fundraiser, too. Maybe you’re unsure of where to start or how to keep track of all of those sellers. That’s ok! Green Bee Fundraising is here to help.

Green Bee Fundraising wants to see all fraternal organizations meet their fundraising goals so we set you up for success from the start of your fundraiser! Included with your fundraising package are materials for keeping track of your tickets. We provide fundraiser tools to help you keep track of which tickets each seller has. This will be a huge help to you in the process of wrapping up your organization’s fundraiser. Why take a guess when you can be certain? Work Less, Earn More with Green Bee Fundraising!

Interested in learning more about our fundraisers? Click HERE to fill out the simple form and we will reach out to you!