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More Fundraising Tips to Fuel Your Fundraising Success!

Green Bee Fundraising is back to lead you to fundraising success with some more fundraising tips!

#4. Keep Track.

Keep track! Keeping track of the little details will help you succeed tremendously. Pay attention to details such as who has donated and how they donated to help with future outreach for your next fundraiser.

#5. Make it Easy!

The easier it is to support your fundraiser the more likely your supporters will give. If you’re searching for an easy fundraiser that your supporters will love – look no further! Reach out to us to set up your next fundraiser!

#6. Be Consistent.

A successful fundraiser will use several different strategies, but the language, message, and imagery should be consistent across platforms. Be clear on what you’re fundraising for, where the money’s going, why people should give, and what your goals are. A descriptive and catchy slogan, as well as compelling imagery, are great ways to reach your supporters!