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Choose the Right School Fundraiser!

If your school needs a new fundraiser for next year, try the Football Frenzy Fundraiser. Everyone enjoys a good football game! Green Bee Fundraising offers ticket selling fundraisers, giving schools an easy, engaging and very profitable fundraiser option.

There are a few reasons why you should choose Green Bee Fundraising’s Fundraisers for your next school fundraiser:

1. Sports have a very large following crowd. This makes our fundraisers an easy sell since they follow pro and college sports!

2. Green Bee Fundraising goes the extra mile to make sure your fundraising package looks professional! We take the time to customize your tickets to match your school’s colors and logo or mascot.

3. Our fundraisers give something back to your supporters! Each fundraising program rewards cash prizes to ticket holders!

4. Green Bee Fundraising offers schools a 65% or 70% fundraiser profit. Selling $10 tickets your school can earn $6.50 or $7.00 per ticket sold. Selling $20 tickets your school can earn $13.50 or $14.00 per ticket sold. (If your school has 250 students that each sell just 10 tickets you could easily bring in over $25,000! Your profit can add up quickly with a large number of participants). What a help that would be towards those school field trips!!

5. Our fundraising programs are available throughout the year! For example, if your school needs a new winter fundraiser, the Basketball Slam Fundraiser would be perfect! (Find more information on our programs and when they are available here).

6. You can choose the selling method that works best for your school. Your school can sell our fundraiser online, in-person, or both!

Interested in more information for your next school fundraiser? Click HERE to fill out this simple form and we’ll reach out to you!