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Green Bee Referral Program

Referrals Program Overview

The number one way we grow our business is by you, our customer. If you had a great experience with our programs and want to share the wealth, we will reward you for referrals!

Through our referral program you will receive cash bonuses for suggesting Green Bee Fundraising to your friends, family and other organizations. Now that you have realized the potential benefits, you can profit even more just by spreading the word.

$150 Cash Bonus

By sharing your positive Green Bee experience, you will receive a $150 Cash Bonus for any other group that ends up running one of our programs. Green Bee is dedicated to helping organizations reach their financial goals and dreams. Through this mission we empower our organizations to raise enough capital to build and create the new improvements they desire. Help us help you! The $150 Cash Bonus is just one more way that we show appreciation for working with your organization!

At Green Bee we put our customers first. Always.

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