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Looking for Fundraising Ideas? You’ve come to the right place!

Most of Green Bee’s fundraising ideas are based on an organization selling tickets that offer Cash Prizes!

Nothing works better at generating revenue than offering cash prizes.   Our sweepstakes programs will engage your supporters with a fun and exciting game to play while they are donating to your cause!

Look at other fundraising ideas, they are extremely boring, time consuming, and won’t generate as much profit as Green Bee’s programs.

We are proud that we have organizations that have been with us for 30 years, since the 1st year we started!   Why?  Because it works.

Are you ready for fun and unique Fundraising Ideas? Give us a call today!

Football Frenzy Fundraising Program #Fundraiser GreenBeeFundraising.com  Football Frenzy
The power of the gridiron is played out in the Football Frenzy program!
Learn More About Football Frenzy
Basketball Slam Fundraising Program #organizations GreenBeeFundraising.com Basketball Slam
The magic of the hardwood comes alive in the Basketball Slam program!
Learn More About Basketball Slam
Hockey Shot Fundraising Ideas #Fundraisers GreenBeeFundraising.com Hockey Shot
When the puck hits the ice, the sparks fly for the Hockey Shot program!
Learn More About Hockey Shot
Baseball Fever Fundraiser Ideas #FundraiserIdeas GreenBeeFundraising.comBaseball Fever
Generations have enjoyed the American classic of baseball. Now your organization can be part of the summertime fun with the Baseball Fever program!
Learn More About Baseball Fever
Soccer Shot Fundraising Program #capital GreenBeeFundraising.comSoccer Shot
When the World Cup comes roaring back in 2018, be ready to ride the excitement with the Soccer Shot program!
Learn More About Soccer Shot
Light Up Decals Fundraising Program #LightUpDecal GreenBeeFundraising.comLight Up Decals
Show off your school spirit or team pride in glowing fashion!
Learn More About Light Up Decals