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The excitement of Football Frenzy is based on having tickets with unique 3 team combinations during the NFL season. Each week, over 10 weeks, the tickets whose 3 teams score the highest or lowest amount of points win the cash prizes for that week! Not just 1 week of prizes, 10 weeks of prizes!  Easy to understand, easy to sell, and will work every year because people love it!

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Ticket Details

Football Frenzy Details

Once Monday Night Football is complete, Green Bee will start to calculate the results for which tickets are winners. Normally, the results are verified and posted weekly on Tuesday afternoon.    Consequently, there are exceptions for holidays.
Winners will be determined automatically by Green Bee.  An especially relevant feature of our programs is that we handle everything for you in order to make it easy.   The posting of winners, notifying people, and ensuring they are paid their winnings is all taken care of by Green Bee!
There are a few dates to keep in mind with the Football Frenzy program.

  • Selling Dates  You can start selling tickets any time once the NFL schedule is released.  This is normally mid-April.     The last day to sell is 1 week prior to start week on your tickets. therefore you will get a better result by starting early. In addition to starting early you can also boost your sales considerably as a result of employing digital marketing tactics. Green Bee will help you with this because we know that not everyone is tech savvy and therefore we will provide you with the materials you need. In today’s modern age, it seems almost imperative to leverage social channels and email marketing if you hope to reach your goals.
  • Program Dates – These are the dates that your tickets are live and program is running.   Most organizations run the last 10 weeks of the football season. In order to best design your program we will probably request information about your group or organization. Once we understand your audience we can craft a program that fits and most of all, returns a successful result. We are interested in your success because our mission is to help organizations to reach their financial goals and turn their dreams into reality.
Most of our programs offer Buy 2 Tickets, Get 1 Ticket Free!   Giving a great discount offer encourages people to buy an extra ticket if they were originally only planning to purchase one. As a result, this helps to increase sales. In addition to extra sales, you have more tickets in play and consequently, more interaction with the fundraiser game. The idea is therefore to build interest with your followers which will probably turn into even more profit the second and third year you run the program. People love sports and our programs only add more excitment due to the chance to win and having someone to root for. In addition, people who Win Prizes will certainly be looking for the fundraiser game again next year to try to cash in on more winnings. In conclusion, the program has a way of selling itself.