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Fund Raising Consultants

Harry is our main fund raising consultant for organizations. He works with organizations to set realistic expectations and ensure we are ready for success. Harry will also get the correct person depending on what questions are being asked. Most of all, Harry cares about your needs and goals as an organization and therefore will be here to help you every step of the way through the fund raising process. While you are selling your tickets you may require some advice or assistance and Harry is always ready to help.

Mike is responsible for all things graphical. Whether it is creating new tickets, fliers or creating artwork from scratch, Mike is our go-to designer.

No two orders are the same, which makes my job interesting. Your fundraiser isn’t just a stack of printed tickets. For over 5 years, I’ve been providing organizations with all their selling materials to run for a successful marketing campaign: Selling instructions, tickets, posters, a book to keep track of tickets distributed. Expect your complete fundraiser in your hands and ready to begin within 2 weeks of ordering!

Green Bee Fundraising Programs

Football Frenzy Fundraiser #FootballFrenzy

Football Frenzy

Basketball Slam Fundraiser #BasketballSlam

Basketball Slam

Hockey Shot Fundraiser #HockeyShot

Hockey Shot

Baseball Fever Fundraiser #BaseballFever

Baseball Fever

Soccer Shot Fundraiser #SoccerShot

Soccer Shot