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Baseball Fever is a fundraising game based on The American classic that has been enjoyed for generations. Hit a financial Home Run for your organization through the fun and excitement of Baseball combined with Cash Prizes! Add some extra sizzle to the game by offering a Baseball Fever program during the spring or summer.

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Ticket Details

Baseball Fever Details

Once Baseball Fever is complete, Green Bee will start to calculate the results for which tickets are winners. Normally, the results are verified and posted weekly on Tuesday afternoon.    There are exceptions for holidays.
Winners will be determined automatically by Green Bee.  We handle everything for you to make it easy.   The posting of winners, notifying people, and ensure they are paid their winnings is handled by Green Bee!
There are a few dates to keep in mind with the Baseball Fever program.

  • Selling Dates  You can start selling tickets anytime once the MLB schedule is released.  The last day to sell is 1 week prior to start week on your tickets.
  • Program Dates – The dates that your tickets are live.
All of our programs offer Buy 2 Tickets, Get 1 Ticket Free!   This helps to increase sales.

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